Monday, July 15, 2013

Boo-tiful Creatures.

My colleague and friend at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design Robert Sharl was watching 'Beautiful Creatures' with his daughter over the weekend, when he noticed what he thought was my To Kill A Mockingbird book cover in a classroom scene.

And lo, on rewinding and screen-capturing, it is!

I haven't seen the film but it appears in a classroom scene where each student has a copy. A quick Wikipedia (and conversation with Rob) confirms that the books isn't an accidental choice; the film draws parallels with Harper Lee's story of the feared and mis-trusted Boo Radley in his shadowy existence, and that of the Casters, a breed of human capable of casting certain kinds of banned and rare spells, like changing the weather and casting illusions.

Described by Rob as 'flawed but enjoyable', as opposed to Twilight's 'po-faced horribleness', I think I have to watch it now! For the costumes alone...have you seen some of those dresses?

(Image © Alcon Entertainment)

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Simon said...

Fantastic! Your amazing talent and relentless hard work deserves to be on the big screen. Well done to you Sarah!



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