Monday, July 29, 2013

Male Me Heart.

This is the piece I created for Mail Me Art 3: Short and Sweet, which is coming to our gallery this year after its London showing.

The brief, in case you're unfamiliar with the show which is fast becoming a regular in the illustration calendar, is to put a piece of art work on a C5 envelope and post it. No props, no wrapping, no hiding inside a box - if it gets battered, so be it!

Like the joyrider I am, I once again mine the words of Sage Francis. I have a content void which I frequently need to fill with other people's words, as that is where the visual stuff starts. Without that I can be a pen without ink, if you will. Desperate to create, but not sure of what to say. The open-heart here has references to male and female genitalia but they are quite subtle - it's a reference to how you can't really DO ANYTHING creative unless you have the proper thrust (you know, a hard-on for it) and it also refers to how Leigh and I have totally different skills but can only ever achieve things if we work together. The song I've written out here is called Specialist, and we're specialists, if you like, at our own skills, but we cannot function without each other's.

So there you have it. Personal work eh. No wonder it takes me eight times as long as client work. Male Me Heart can be seen at the MMA Short and Sweet show from Friday August 9th.

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