Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Angry Robots are the best.

Well you already know that if you pay any sort of attention to my news feed - cage fighting, Jason Statham, Iron Men, Transformers, Robocop, horror films...

But I'm talking in this instance about Angry Robot the publishers. Marc Gascoigne and his team publish sci-fi, fantasy and 'everything in between'. And I can tell you, it's a juicy change from norm, and coupled with the teen fiction, gets my creative fluids flowing.

I've done four books for them, the latest being announced in a cover reveal by them a couple of weeks ago. The second instalment of a trilogy by Emma Newman, Any Other Name deals in gargoyles, secret organisations, magic, deception and arranged marriage. The cover was thus ripe for a little ink-heavy scribbling...obvs. I love them because quite frankly I can settle into my comfort zone of black, detail, swirls, splots and hidden things...and the moon. I love a good moon.

Below is the cover to Any Other Name and its predecessor, Between Two Thorns, and the other two books for Angry Robot, by Cassandra Rose Clarke. Check out my furious Manticore - it's female, you know.

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Horace said...

This is gorgeous!


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