Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On Girls And Pens

This is the latest tattoo I've designed for Taylor Mali, New York based poet and teacher.

This is nicely demonstrated on Brook Valentine's fine canvas - don't worry, he's used to seeing photographs of his words emblazoned across assorted female body parts. He attracts those kinds of moves - as he puts it, 'I got interesting photos sent to me of the last tattoo you made for me. Here's one of the ones I can show you.' (Cue photograph of girl pulling knickers aside...you'll need to scroll...)

An imposing and deep-voiced gentleman, Taylor performed at 'If A Girl Writes Off The World' in New York City, along with Shappy Seasholtz, Christine Aptowicz, Bernard Dolan and Sage Himself. Since then, I've offered the use of my pen for his temporary tats as and when a request comes in and time allows.

If you like temporary tattoos, let me know. We've done lots of of them but have few left, and we might do some more. Meanwhile, here is one of my favourite poems by him, 'The Impotence of Proof Reading':

And my second favourite, 'On Girls Lending Pens'.

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