Thursday, February 16, 2012

Russian Dollies For Jules.

I made this set of Russian Dolls for my best mate Jules, for Christmas.

I'd been meaning to do it for ages, and had bought some blank dolls ready. It was quite difficult - the surface is curved, the dolls get progressively tinier, and you have to avoid daubing the bits you've already painted. Then there was the issue of spraying the varnish on at the end - sticky sticky sticky, and not as shiny as those gleaming ones you see in the shops.

Still, I think she liked it. Quoth Jules: 'You only got one thing wrong - you did John smiling' - which, if you've never been round their gaff at 5pm when the children are all at top volume and he's only had five hours' sleep, won't necessarily make sense.

There were 8 dolls in total. This is John:




The family with Elliot in the foreground:

Representing the guinea pigs:

And the tiniest one, Spike the Rankin lizard:

Cats in the background, without eyeballs or noses:

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