Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Plumptious sparkle.

I've just been sent printed copies of the Cecelia Ahern books I designed for HarperCollins, and they look most appealing.

Stacked in a pile they glitter and sparkle, and if you run your hands over them you can feel the generous embossing. As always with book covers, there are slight changes that have occurred since seeing PDF artwork and the real thing - PS I Love You has completely changed colour - but this is normal and expected and, in this case I think, for the better.

I'm also impressed by how fat the books are - she writes a generous story indeed, a good inch and a half spine if not more, The Gift's spine the slenderest but all in silver foil - so to have these plumptious covers wrapped around them seems only proper.

All that remains is for me to finish reading them! (And design the next one, which I've just got the brief for).

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