Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chiseling and scraping.

The students of the University of Brighton's Materials Practice course sent me a blank sheet of board, and asked if I'd draw on it and post it back to raise funds for their show at New Designers. I did this show myself as a new graduate, and remember how massively exciting it was - feeling like it was all about to happen, the start of my creative life. It wasn't, it was other things which kicked that off for me which happened more slowly and without a fanfare - but we did somehow manage to pay for it all ourselves, despite it being a struggle, and that made us proud.

So remembering all of that, I thought I'd send some wisdom from a space in time 18 years ahead of where those studes are right now. It'll likely put no more than 12p in their kitty, but the knowledge is priceless!

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