Monday, May 30, 2011

Robert Burns Museum Award.

The Museum's just won a Scottish Design Award, which along with the design team involved I feel very pleased about. I don't get a gong of any description personally, but I did have an extra cup of tea and this very nice email from a lady called Hannah, who'd visited the museum recently. It left an impression on her that she was excited enough to tell me about - worth more than any award, what do you reckon?

In was only too keen to point out I don't get *any* crazy emails, but life would be more interesting if I did!

Dear Inkymole,

My name is Hannah Foley and I'm an illustration student at Edinburgh College of Art. I'm sorry to get all mad fan on you but I've just visited the Robert Burns museum at Alloway because I wanted to see your work there and it is absolutely terrific. It was so atmospheric and yet in keeping with the simplicity of his early beginnings. Really, really wonderful. I hope you don't mind but I've blogged about you and would be honoured if you'd take a peek here: I know you're a very busy person and must get crazy emails like this all the time so please take the compliment and ignore the blog if you'd rather.


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