Wednesday, October 27, 2010

'Oh, we loved what you did, but...'

A special Hallowe'en episode of 'The Ones That Got Away'

I've picked out a couple of suitably-themed rejects from the recently-opened vaults. As the bats and dust flew up into my face, I was reminded of this beauty for Macmillan, which I really enjoyed doing and which I thought - if I may be so bold - worked a treat. Among shelves and shelves of 'white & red on black' vampire covers, these would have stood out like Dracula's bride at a vegan bake-off. The art director fought my corner, but tragically lost.

Scroll down to see the cover they eventually went with - not one of mine!

Speaking of the current trend for 'white & red on black' vampire covers, this one for Summersdale was a brave attempt by me to buck the trend by presenting a bone-white cover with blood and charcoal text. For teenage girls (duh), this book actually had a bit more to it than met the eye - so I didn't want it to disappear into blood-suckers' corner without a trace. At the bottom is the one they went with. Oh well. I had a go. Maybe next year the shelves will be an ocean of white covers, as far as the eye can see...

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