Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hidden Sparkles.

In a flurry of party goodbyes on Friday, I was given this hand-made brooch by our friend Lisa. Lisa is the partner of Chris, aka CT, who also shares the dubious honour of being the first person ever to allow needles onto his skin in the shape of Inkymole's daubings. Several times. Erm, lots of times. And with whom we used to while away the small hours when we ran a pirate radio station.

But I digress. Lisa is not only CT's girlfriend but a very creative person with a bright robust spirit and a unique energy. She's also a mother to two boys, but she isn't, and never has been, solely that. Lisa is always making something and I suspect will one day be making things a lot more, when little boys are not so little.

The brooch was presented in a little green bag with a hand-made Mole brooch, and everything on it has been chosen to reflect what Lisa associates with me - kinky boots (owned, worn and blogged about), a black leaf (a frequent motif in my work), yellow for the rain mac she sees me flying about in round town, a 45rpm adapter for our shared musical past, and a Blythe doll badge holding it all together (since I have a red-headed one, a birthday present from Leigh and much-loved in her winter poncho and pink eyes).

I love it. Really love it. Sometimes little things just come out of the blue and make you catch your breath, don't they?

This is Lisa:

and this is me with CT (we look mean, but we were just cold):
"They say you should pick your battles wisely, but some of us have no choice"

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