Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cosmic Ordering On The Hoof

I'm fundraising for the first time in my life, and I'm worried I'm going to be dragging my sponsorship form round often for the next couple of months that when I get back to my normal running I'm going to expect to find a tenner at the end of every mile.

Oh well. I do however find a lot of interesting things on my runs. Spookily these things are usually found right at the moment I'm thinking 'I could really use a...'

Cosmic ordering? Who knows. I don't deliberately set out to ask for things, but if I happen to be thinking about them, there they are.
Here's a list of what I've found in the last few months.

- a size 8 black fitted New Look cardigan with gathered sleeves and tiny black buttons - kept, perfect fit, worn regularly. At the time I really wanted one but couldn't find one, and due to my strict 'no-made-in-China' rule, New Look would never have been an option. Here it is being worn in Newcastle's Jay-Z cafe in September (no really! it actually is called Jay-Z's):

- a size 8 black New Look cardigan with tie belt - a good fit but not as nice - washed and given to charity.

- a size 12 grey Top Shop cardigan - too big, washed and given to charity.

- a size 8 black vest top - too tight, cut for a teenager, given to charity.

- a pair of brand new scratchless River Island Jackie O style sunglasses - the day my own brand new ones were clawed to death by the keys in my bag. The first and only time I ran with two pairs of shades. Here I am trying to look serious in them.

- a ladies' lined technical jacket - waterproof with hood and many pockets and internal cargo nets. Found right next to me in the ditch just as the first raindrops came and I began to feel cold on a 7 mile run. Ran the last mile wearing it, located owner via the local theatre, returned to said owner and was rewarded with flowers and wine! She needn't have - the coat was stolen from her car, dumped in the village, and was the jacket she wore for her work as a guide dog puppy trainer out in all weathers, so it had to be returned, no question. All together - ahhh!

- an iPod, silver, full of Miley Cyrus and Disney and High School Musical. At the time I was running with my Sony phone which bounced uncomfortably on my hip. Just as I was thinking I could do with a proper iPod, it appeared right in front of me. My attempt to hand it in to the police station resulted (it's a long story) in someone keeping it who shouldn't have. Unfortunately, a few days later I found out it was my best mate's daughter's friend's iPod, and she'd had a proper bollocking for losing it. She still doesn't know that it was once found, but lost again, and it's perhaps best that she never does.
It looked like this:
- I have never found a body. It's always unfortunate 'joggers' or 'man walking his dog' who find those, isn't it?

So. What d'yall fancy? And remember - I can only bring back what I can carry while running!

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Shavonne said...

Cosmic ordering. I like that.
Love those glasses!


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