Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trip to the Seaside! Brighton Illustrators' Group this Thursday

If you're in the Brighton area on Thursday 29th July, I'll be joining the Brighton Illustrators' Group at their 6x6 talk at 8pm that evening. I'll be with a handful of other illustrators sharing six images which have inspired me, shaped my direction, or in some other way been pivotal to my life as an illustrator. And generally geeking off about pens and the like.

I was invited by Pete Mac who runs the group and I'm sharing podium space with 5 others. So if you manage to nod off during my monologue there'll be another one up soon enough!

Can't wait. Am making a fleeting trip to Brighton with a visit to Pete's studio in the afternoon - shared by agency-mate Nishant Choksi, and Vicky Woodgate, Mark Oliver and Penny Dann to name a handful of the thirteen artists there - then dinner at Bill's Produce Store. And this is my job? I'm a very fortunate girl.

Read about the series of talks on the 6x6 website and if you're thinking of coming along, let me know!

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