Monday, May 18, 2020

I've designed face masks before, but not like these.

Close to the start of lockdown I designed two masks each for every member of my family, and in order to purchase them I had to upload them to the shop system I use for some of my illustrated products; my Christmas jumpers, leggings etc.

I kept them private as I was unsure about the ethics of sharing a product which would earn me commission out of a pandemic, but without having breathed a word about them to anyone outside the family, I immediately started getting emails - chiefly from the US - confirming orders. Two weeks went by, with sales rolling in rapidly and increasingly, until Leigh convinced me that this was a product that people not only wanted, but needed.

Thus I decided to make them public, and donate all my net profits to the Trussell Trust, the UK's food bank organisation, which has since been joined by a number of other organisations who've all benefitted from the sales. As soon as I did, the sales went bonkers, and at the time of writing, they've continued to escalate, raising an unexpectedly handsome amount for the food banks.

So now you too can buy an Inkymole face mask! There are 4 in each pack and there are loads of packs to choose from, in almost 30 individual designs, which you can find here:


Suitable for children and adults, they come in S (fits younger children), M L, and XL.
Here's everything you need to know:

- Designed by Inkymole; printed, cut and sewn by Contrado in the UK

- Breathable fabric; no metal bits, clasps or fastenings, just soft elasticated fabric

- Please note that at the current time, Contrado are not offering sets in mixed sizes (although I keep pushing them to offer this!)

- I make the absolute minimum on these - the price is set as low as the system allows me to go, which is £5 per mask. All net profits are being donated

- No money is made on the postage costs - the masks are sent directly from the factory to you

- If you have more detailed technical queries, email them to

—————— Size Guide: —————— 

Small / 11 cm height - 11cm elastic at each end, looped

Medium / 12.5 cm height - 12cm elastic at each end, looped

Large / 14 cm height  - 13cm elastic at each end, looped 

Height / Select the height that will best cover your mouth and nose .

Width / One size fits all.

Machine Washable / between 30 and 60 degrees C.

- Please note these face masks are NOT medical grade masks (which are recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an infection preventative measure, i.e. grade FFP2/N95).

- Please DO NOT purchase these face-masks with the false understanding they will prevent infection from Corona virus.

- Wash your mask regularly, ideally daily, to keep it fresh and hygienic.



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