Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Mary Poppins is BACK!

I've just received my copy of this gorgeous new hardback edition of Mary Poppins, published just in time for the new film version, Mary Poppins Returns, coming to cinemas a few days before Christmas.

What an honour it was to play a part in the part in the making of this special gift edition; it's a classic, timeless story. With Julia Sarda's 2014 full colour illustrations inside, the cloth-bound, die-cut cornflower blue cover is embossed with my framing illustration and handsome title in silver foil. It positively sparkles - which it wouldn't wouldn't it - it's 'spick and span'! Art direction was by a regular  client, the energetic Phil at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, who I previously worked with at Disney.

The work was created first in pencil then worked up in Mitsubishi's uniPin fineliners, in 3 widths. Once I'd thrashed out how fine and detailed this could or couldn't go (my first roughs were much too ornate) it was a simple job, with attention paid to line width and keeping the opposing sides a little different from each other, as I didn't want mirroring.

The somewhat ornery title was designed to look hand-crafted and imprecise, a little out of the ordinary and not too...pretty!

I'm fully intending to see the new film as I remember the original being a bit scary when I was little, and I want to squash those memories. The idea that two children weren't looked after by their own parents was scary and baffling in its own right, and Mary was just a bit..strange. As was Dick Van Dyke's London accent!

You can see little videos of the way the cover sparkles at inkstagram.ink

and you can get a copy of the book here

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