Wednesday, December 14, 2016


We've spent the last few weeks (well months in total) working on the Christmas window display for Cocoa Amore, the new chocolate shop of whom we were appointed Creative Directors this year.

The job's been very involved - music, merchandising, signage, branding, interior decor, other aspects of the store that you can't predict being involved in! - but these massive ink baubles have been a lot of fun. Last year's windows were hand-painted snowtrees - so this year had to be a big contrast:

Here was my Photoshopped vision for the windows:

The baubles were to be enormous versions of the tiny ones drawn for my Christmas 'Vintage Bauble' wrapping paper:

I bought A1 paper, foam board and the fattest Japanese brush pen I could find, and set to with my 50s and 60s baubles references from my own wrapping paper, recreating them with bright, dry, coloured acrylic drawing inks:

Left to dry on top of the wood burner, the design was repeated for the back of the each bauble, then spray-mounted onto black foam board - haven't spray-mounted that much since I was a student!
O, the smells...the toxic vibes!

And they were hung, courtesy of some ladder-based acrobatics and drills held aloft to the ceiling, over the shop's window of goodies, flanked by fresh Christmas tree branches and (real) red sparkly baubles, a handful at a time:

Here was my Photoshopped mockup of the plan for the windows:

...and the real thing!

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