Friday, November 13, 2015


In 2014 I wrote about this tasty label I’d done for Royal Mile Whiskies, along with their new logo. Just this week a new bottle arrived in the house, a rather sensuous 40 year old Blended Malt, dressed in a sexy black label with copper foil highlighting its splendorous middle-aged status. All we did was invert the artwork to make the logo pop out, and add that copper touch. As the website says ‘simply packaged’, and we all know the power of a little black dress.

About the same age as me and Leigh, this 47.1%  is a special edition whisky matured in sherry casks, this is one of only 337 bottles in existence. At an eye-watering £200 a bottle, this, of the two Royal Mile Whiskies we have, isn’t going to be the one we pass around the room after we’ve been to the real ale pub.

No, special occasions only. Just got to create some special occasions now…

Tasting Notes!

Nose: High quality marmalade on toasted brown bread, polished leather and mahogany, dates, kirsch in dark chocolates. Obviously oaky, but still in balance, and with a Autumnal leafy earthiness underneath.
(Well that’s me sorted, but go on...)
Palate: Dark chocolate caramels, cooked orange, oloroso sherry, fruity fig pudding, and a long finish of spice and sawn oak.
(Order me another couple of bottles yeah?)
Overall: A brilliant sherry cask matured malt, which shows all the rich, complex, integration of more than four decades of ageing.
(Like me!)

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