Monday, August 31, 2015


Our friend Rich is a kind and busy soul who has petrol in his veins, wiring looom diagrams printed on the inside of his eyelids and big nut-wrenching fingers, just the sort of bloke you want to hand your precious special car to.

Which is what we’ve been doing for many years now. His Dynodaze Customworx garage has looked after, embellished, repaired and modified our Soarer UZZ32 V8, our Mazda 323 V6, Chrysler Jeep Straight 6, Pao, Micra(s), Peugeot 406, Peugeot 406 CoupĂ© V6, the Surprisingly Great Mondeo ST (V6…), The Carry Van and The Other Pao. He’s patient and tolerant of our vehicle-based whims and ideas, and is just as happy* forcing a Micra engine under a Pao bonnet as servicing our incredibly dull Family Saloon.


So when he asked if I would look at the graphics for his big project, his Honda Civic EG, I said OK. The car was to advertise his business, Dynodaze Customworx, and he’s been working on it for a year (while maintaining his Supra, rebuilding the engine on his 'daily', a VW Passat and modifying his son's Seat Arosa and now new Honda Civic). He’s just painted it white:

and added SHINY NEW PEARLESCENT ORANGE WHEELS, so this became the original of the colour palette:

Oh sorry, didn’t you get a proper look at that?

I first of all tweaked his Customworx logo as it had become a bit dated, so I backed into it with my calligraphy pens and gave it a fresh flow and up-and-down energy.

Here’s the old logo, all bruised from an over-revved vectorising:

Here’s all the penwork:

And here’s how it ended up - still vector’d, but still very much looking like its spiky youthful self:

Then we put that together with some slabs of starts-every-time Impact, in grey:

A rev counter drawn in Illustrator, to Rich’s specification:

And TA-DA!
Vinyl man came and stuck it on, after thinly-veiled threats from me to ENLARGE OR REDUCE IN PRO…

and here is the finished beast:

Ouch! Those tricky br(e)akes! No wonder Vinyl Man was a bit 'cool' towards me at first, till I bought him a coffee!

It's always good to see one’s daubs on a different surface. Next thing is to sort out the colours for the engine bay, which we think will be orange and purple…or will it be purple and orange…?

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