Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Electronic Voice Phenomena.

I put together an evening of music on All Hallows Eve for Altar Ego Radio, during which I did two shows; the opening show, and ‘Hairs On The Back Of The Necktoplasm’.
The latter was colder and danker and took place long after the trick or treaters had shed their costumes. Intended to be a co-presented show, my sidekick of the airwaves met with an unfortunate incident and was unable to present; cue Mole flying solo.

I was by myself in the studio for the majority of the session, the technician and sound guy having ‘nipped out’, so I did quite frankly get a few of the willies. And by the end of ‘Necktoplasm’ I had a hexed left-hand turntable too, thus all jumps, record crackle, distortion, electronic fuckery, white noise and gaps were part of the deal. I suppose you had to be there.

I’m working on a track list which I’ll add here in a bit, since the set, although assembled from music collected and earmarked over a period of two months beforehand, was put together live and on the fly from a combination of 7, 10 and 12 inch vinyl, CDs, digital files, samples, sound effects and YouTube clips. lt took some juggling, but it was enormously enjoyable to do.

Other shows were presented by Altar Ego regular DJ Fuckabout putting his drum and bass down and picking up the dark, and stalwart Reverend Riff doing his doom-metal, whose sets both can be found with the rest of Altar Ego’s weekend lineup just here.

I highly recommend DJ Mandy Corn’s set which was beamed in from Brooklyn, for good old-fashioned surfer-ween and rockabilly-fright Americana - coupled with quickfire samples, jokes and stories.

Mole’s Electronic Voice Phenomena: Opening Set Tracklist

Andy Stott / Lost and Found (Modern Love)
Andy Stott / Numb (Modern Love)
Harmonic 313 / Quadrant 3 (Warp)
Charity Shop 78 / Lost Love Ever More, Church Scene from the film ‘Blossom Time’, Richard Tauber, Tenor (Parlophone Odeon Series) (a quid from LOROS, washed it up in the sink and ironed the label, picture attached below, it’s beautiful)
The Caretaker / All You’re Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There
Japan / Ghosts
Andy Votel / Return of the Spooky Driver (Twisted Nerve)
Demdike Stare / Suspicious Drone (Modern Love)
Vampires of Dartmoore / Dracula’s Music Cabinet
Haxan Cloak / Miste (Triangle)   
Howlin’ Wolf / Evil
Gravediggaz / Diary of a Madman
Ghostface Killah / Rise of the Ghostface Killah
Vampires of Dartmoore / Tanz Der Vampires
The Fall / There’s A Ghost In My House
?? / Buggered if I can remember but it’s fucking good and it’s on vinyl, I know I played it on the left-hand turntable (@1hr 04mins ish)
Lou Rawls / Season of the Witch
The Cure / A Forest
Scene from Poltergeist / They’re Here
Zomby / Horrid (Domino)
Whodini / The Freaks Come Out At Night
The Edgar Winter Group / Frankenstein
Laura Marling / Devil’s Spoke
Vampires of Dartmoore / Dr Caligari’s Creeps Cabinet
Massive Attack / Redlight (Clark Remix)
Battles / My Machines (Clark Remix)
The Caretaker / An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
Demdike Stare / All Hallow’s Eve
Tino / Ghost Dub
The Moontrekkers / Night of the Vampires

Mole’s Electronic Voice Phenomena: Hairs on the Back of the Necktoplasm

Dick and Dom / Halloween Scream
Boards of Canada / 1969
CocoRosie / Beautiful Boyz
CocoRosie / K-Hole
Deaf Centre / Thread (Type)
Burial / Ghost Hardware
Chimes + Bells / The Mole (Trentemøller Remix)
Black Ghosts / Some Way Through This
AGF Delay / Beautiful Kill
Frank Bretschneider / Like A Little Lizard In The Sun
John Grant / Pale Green Ghosts
The Knife / Upheaved
Venetian Snares / Deleted Poems
Haxan Cloak / Mara
Haxan Cloak / Miste
Recondite / Rise
Boards of Canada / album track sample
Krysztof Komeda / The Coven 4 (from Rosemary’s Baby)
Warren Zevon / Werewolves of London
Bjork / Frosti
Aphex Twin / Syro
Nathan Fake / Fentiger (Clark Remix)
Clark / Alice (Redux)
Mica Levi / Death
µ-Ziq / Blem
µ-Ziq / Smeester
Ry Cooder / Paris, Texas
Jacaszek / Rytm To Niesmiertelnosc
Demdike Stare / Haxan
BBC Sound Effects / Death and Horror Vol. II (used liberally)
Burial / Stolen Dog

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