Thursday, May 29, 2014

On My Radio.

Two of the sessions I did for Altar Ego Radio are now on Mixcloud so you can have a listen! I did four session in total - maybe 5 actually, I don’t know, it was a long weekend…

My past experience in radio is touched on here. The pic above is a very early flyer for our old radio station which I did when I’d just discovered Pens Plus Photoshop - it’s all about the spirit of the thing though, right? And pre-Wacom. On the right is Perry, the left is me (I always did the catering) and in the middle, Matt Thornhill aka Monkichi, now senior A&R geezer at XL. I wish I was still this brave with colour!

Listen to Mole + Perry.
'Mole + Perry took clumsily energetic control of the airwaves in the one hour between Miss Pink and Dogface & Dead Pony, cramming in as many tracks as possible and keeping the energy deliriously high. Let's just say it was 'lively'. '

Listen to Mole’s Good Mourning.
'Mole was on early shift to provide a Good Mourning set of her favourite tear-jerkers and melancholics, roping in Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, Gravenhurst and Bat for Lashes. '

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