Thursday, March 27, 2014

Macy’s Workshop.

Macy's approached me to illustrate its advertisements for the Spring 2014 session of The Workshop at Macy's, a program that encourages and helps guide women and minority entrepreneurs in the retail and fashion industry.

Michele Stormer, senior creative manager at Macy’s, explains: "We had partnered with Sarah a few years earlier on a 4th of July fireworks poster and we've always loved her sense of typography – how it feels timeless yet current and trend-appropriate – and knew she could execute the direction for the campaign effortlessly. Her style easily appeals to a younger audience and we figured she was so spot-on for this campaign that she could execute it in her sleep ... I don't know if she would agree however!”

Well, I didn’t exactly do it in my sleep, but this certainly felt like I was on familiar territory having produced similar campaigns for Target and Boston University.

The team studied Carol Seitz's photographs of the entrepreneurs and discussed goals for the completed images. "The end result was to have Sarah's art marry the photography – not overpower it, and not be secondary to it either,” Michele says of the brief. "The illustrations, in partner with the photography, would be the element that captures your attention then draws you in to further investigate the ad and learn more.”

My job was to create lively, narrative pieces that captured the energy of both the Macy's Workshop team and the selected vendors – their products, craft, and determination - without using too many words, the hand-drawn illustrations (ink on paper) had to tell each person’s story.

Michele made this lovely comment about the job once it was finished. "Sarah's work was the final piece that made everything come together. It's a little odd when you see people at work hang some of the ads up at their desks as decoration – and these were not people I know or work with! Often that's the greatest sense of achievement because people usually try their hardest not to surround themselves with work-related memorabilia. The Multicultural Department at Macy's, which is responsible for The Workshop at Macy's, was extremely pleased with the outcome, to say the least, and thrilled to have a campaign that feels fresh and youthful.”

I can’t add much to that! Thanks Michele and team for a lovely job. I hope to do it again some day!

Extracts courtesy of Bernstein & Andriulli’s interview on their news page:

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