Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Inkymole on the cover of Playboy?

Me, 2.15am. 'Hm, that email looks spammy. I'll delete it when I've finished what I'm doing'.
Email, 2.16am. 'Erm, you'd better look at me again. You know you want to'.
Me, 2.50ish. 'OK OK. Holy crap. Playboy cover. Leigh, I'm making a phone call!'

The best jobs are often the quickest - the ones that sneak up on you, whirl you around so you're dizzy and then set you back down yelling 'wham bam thank you ma'am!'
Within a week this illustrated cover for Playboy, the first in 23 years, was a wrap and by the time we hit the US last week, it was on toppermost shelves all over the USA. Mac, the thoroughly organised and efficient art director, recently moved from Rolling Stone and resolved to freshen the covers. Hef, founder and oft-wed legend in his own mansion, personally approved the cover (it's great'!) - he now sits alongside Harper Lee in my 'oh wow this person ACTUALLY saw my artwork first hand' archive - and thus ushered in, we hope, a new creative era for this most classic of mags.

Check some of these wonderful older illustrated mags. I am right chuffed to join their ranks!

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