Wednesday, March 28, 2012

'Apparently Sarah can draw.'

Since I'm the one known as the the girl who's a dab hand with crayons in our gang, I get asked to help out on all kinds of things. A lot of the time the workload won't allow it, but sometimes it does, or I'll make time if it's a good mate or I like the sound of the job! Working off-the-clock is really important with regard to making sure the brain doesn't freeze up and Mole doesn't become an illo-roboid. So I do try and do it as much as I can.

Below is an invite I made for our friends George and Michelle who own a farm in nearby Cadeby. I did their wedding invites too, both printed by the magnificent men and their printing machines at Gartree Press - more on them later. The latest one is WW2 themed, and I am still in shock that our studio helper Elliott looked over at my drawing and said 'is that a Spitfire?' I can draw planes! Recognisable ones! Now I just have to master hands and animals. And men (all my men look like women, which is why you'll have to look VERY HARD to find any in my portfolio). I can also do beer signs apparently, like this one I made for Jez's Patent Beer Machine at the rally last year.

It's a bit wobbly and organic but then so is the event, which we'll be attending in June kitted out in vintage attire (my dress and shoes are being tweaked to fit as I write this). Can you imagine what fun a WW2 hairdo is going to be, not to mention the purchase of a new land-girl red lipstick? Oh it's a tough job this drawing for friends lark...

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