Sunday, April 17, 2011


It's here. This week as well as prepping the show, finishing all manner of structural and garden work and turning out an inhuman amount of illustration in a tiny amount of days, we noticed Spring bounce into our environs with a bang.

A blue sky moved in over our heads, and bright white blossoms popcorned into life on the cherry tree outside. The silver birch had a spurt. Washing went outside. Bees the size of small cars started banging about into things, flies recommenced annoying us, and I shed one layer of clothing (it'll be June before the next one comes off).

And Spring has probably never been evidenced quite as poetically as by these ladybirds. I didn't mean to get all Peeping Tom on them, but just look at him go! I never knew ladybirds saw this kind of action. That's positively Shakespearean, that is.

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