Sunday, March 27, 2011

Setting up for Shavasana.

In 2007 I found two things that I wish I'd discovered twenty years ago. One I talk about a lot, because I've used it to fund-raise and I have mates who do it both here and in Facebook-land - running - the other I tend not to waffle on about much.


It's hard to describe to someone who isn't doing it what it does for your mind, your body and your day. A full Thursday class with Anna, my teacher, leaves me full of energy, calm and refocussed. I know, I know - these sound like terms from an advert. Come to think of it, twenty years ago my teenage self would probably have scoffed. But that's really what it does. I have clarity, I can laugh at myself again (I lose my sense of humour and perspective easily when I'm getting transatlantic stress for four jobs all due in at once) and my body feels like it's been tenderised like a piece of meat pummelled for cooking - in a good way. And I am convinced I'm more sore the next day than when I do a full weights session in the gym.

I've always been bendy, but it's about such a lot more than that. Neither is it 'a nice relaxing thing'. It can be, if you want, but it can also be extremely challenging and athletic. Anna's style is robust with a heavy emphasis on technical accuracy, which appeals to my geek nature and parallels my love of creative software and my job's need for accuracy and neatness.

And there's nothing like ten minutes standing on your head before you start work.

(OK, look, I can't do this, but I'm SO impressed).

Anna teaches at Triyoga - Soho and Primrose Hill - Saturday through to Tuesday, and in Barwell, Leicestershire, on Thursdays:

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