Friday, June 04, 2010


When I'm stuck or unmotivated and I'm in the mood where I'll do anything except what I'm meant to be doing, two things break the stalemate: running, and baking. Thankfully the two are mutually beneficial (well you could run without the baking, but to just do the baking might have me in trouble after a few short sugary months) and there's nothing better than making them for other people.*

Since various craftsmen - builders, plumbers, sparkies, chippies, tilers, shotblasters, metalworkers and scaffolders - have been our extended family for four months, they've benefitted from my frequent oven sessions. You might expect an illustrator to put a great deal of effort into the appearance of her cakes, but prepare to be disappointed.

Not all were captured on film, but here's a round-up of my flour-and-marge endeavours. Disclaimer: not all of them are cakes.

*actually there is, and that is eating them all yourself.

Vanilla Fairy cakes in star-shaped silicone. Date unknown but most likely January.

Fruit loaf. 10.2.10.

A tin of peanut butter and chilli cakes. 3.3.10.

Hardcore Chocolate Sandwich: baked in an industrial-sized loaf tin, jam and buttercream filling. 11.5.10.

Baked especially for Mark and Mick the Builders. Vanilla Sponge with buttercream icing and obvious sprinkles. Two layers. 4.5.10.

Chocolate Bruiser. Two layers, damson jam and chocolate and carob cream. 10.4.10.

This is a haggis pie, 16.5.10. Pastry excuses: see below.

Mincemeat and Apple Tart, 25.5.10. Borrowed Mum's baking gear (and kitchen) because mine is all boxed up, which is the only reason why the pastry doesn't look like a boxing match in a pie shop.

Well they can't have it without tea, can they?


+Bel Johnstone+ said...
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+Bel Johnstone+ said...

Haha, you sound so much like me. In fact I just bought a treadmill a few months back to counteract the baking! :)

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings Sarah,

Because of my absence from blogging I was taken a bit back but ever so delighted to see your baking pleasures. If I were not facing health issues, I would be spending more time in the kitchen baking European style cakes and delighting in the aroma escaping from the oven mid-way through the baking process.

The chocolate sandwich loaf is very interesting and I would love to obtain a copy of the recipe and any special notations, if time permits.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Sarah J Coleman said...

Hi Egmont! Well the recipe is actually available at - it's a vegan cookery website since I don't do dairy or eggs or anything animal, in fact. So the cakes you see are not only tasty but 100% guilt-free and even more so if you use organic ingredients. So get that oven warmed up! :)


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