Friday, February 19, 2010

Dare. Dream. Do!

Over Christmas I was working on this campaign for Target, with Little & Co. and Digital Kitchen, through my agents Bernstein & Andriulli in NYC.

In honour of Black History Month, Target recently launched its “Dare, Dream, Do” campaign. The print, web, broadcast, and interactive campaign tells the inspiring stories of Malaak Compton-Rock, Marc Morial, Marcus Samuelsson, and Steve Stoute. The banner ads and video interviews are a blend of 2d and 3d, Digital Kitchen seamlessly mixing live video with my hand-drawn illustrations. You can see some of the videos here.
Malaak Compton-Rock

'Dare, Dream, Do’ is an integrated multicultural branding exercise by Target, celebrating the company’s diversity and aimed at sharing stories of success. Malaak Compton-Rock (married to Chris Rock) founded the Angel Rock Project, an organization that aids orphans and young children in South Africa. Steve Stoute is an entrepreneur and record executive. Marcus Samuelson is a chef and cookbook author. And last but not least, Marc Morial is the president of the National Urban League.
Marcus Samuelson

I was sent a big pile of photographs of each person's photo shoot to understand how each person moved, stood, and talked, in particular noticing what excited them and when they became the most animated. Using descriptions of their life stories and collections of words pulled out from their interviews and photo sessions, I drew illustrations that captured all of those things.

Steve Stoute

I also created an entire hand-drawn alphabet for Target, creating unique typography for the campaign. The typeface I made includes upper and lower case, a set of punctuation marks, and numerals. And to avoid the dead giveaway when playing the ‘is it a font or is it handwriting?’ game, I gave the most commonly used letters two or three different versions!
Mark Morial

Each work started out on paper with black ink – be it fountain pen, dip pen, felt pen, or other. Since everything was being animated, a consistent line weight turned out to be crucial. After everything was drawn and scanned, the illustrations were then vectorized for the animators.
Stills from one of the banner ads

This really felt like I was having the time of my life, doodling away over a big sheet of paper and getting to draw from a long list of different and sometimes challenging little objects – it was one of those jobs where you think to yourself ‘this cannot be my job – I’m having too much fun!’

If you're in the USA look for web banners and print ads across the Internet. More information and videos can be found on the Target website.
One of the print advertisements

Client: Target
Campaign: Dare, Dream, Do
Agency: Little & Co., Minneapolis
Video and Animations: Digital Kitchen
Art Director: Katherine Lamm
Creative Director: Julie ZulkoskyOne of the print advertisements

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