Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Than Kew

You might remember Tom Hare, the willow artist who collaborated with me on The Witches project for TBWA. I've just done some signs for his enormous sculptures in Kew Gardens. They make up the Seed Walk, built to celebrate Kew's 250th anniversary and the Millennium Seed Bank there, and are built of willow and steel; giant poppy seed heads and Cocas de Mer jostle for attention at the gates of Kew - see some of them here.

These had to be done in a real rush using Hard-to-Buff ink on Tom's home-chopped oak, painted with just a touch of Osmo oil to help preserve them. No varnish. They were done in 'one take' - pencil could not be rubbed out from the wood as it stained it, so the words were put straight on without outlines or guides. Ooof. They're a bit up-and-downy, but I think they do the job! I wrote off four brushes as the ink ruins everything it touches...but that's because it has some serious gumption.

'The Witches' is being shown again with additional pieces in London this October, where you can see more of Tom's work. Mark your diaries for October 28th!

Tom Hare
Kew's Seed Walk
Tom Hare talks about the project

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