Sunday, July 05, 2009

A nice oxymoron

I love the title 'working holiday'. When I was younger I couldn't figure out what one was (surely you were doing one or the other), but as an adult I've had plenty of examples.

For instance, New York. We spent the last three weeks there, on a trip based round a couple of work commitments which quickly became 2-5 work commitments a day.

Along with all the meetings and stuff, and despite my feeble protestations (I'd already had three projects to finish), a couple of illustration jobs came in which were too nice to pass up, so I did them one weekend with sketchbook perched on a borrowed cupboard in front of the window, to get enough light to draw - and an incredibly ropey wireless connection. The files got there against the odds in the small hours, and here they are. A couple of nice new bits for the folio, with both clients a joy to work with (and extremely tolerant of my tech issues!).

For the Guardian newspaper, to encourage ethically and environmentally-driven companies to advertise with them. Entirely hand-drawn in felt tip pens and ink.

'Gangsters Special' - cover for the British Film Institute's Sight & Sound magazine. This one follows 'Tarantino', and is hopefully the second in a series


Nathan S. Monk said...

Holy moly Sarah these are awesome. Very nice jobs indeed.

Hope all is well.


Me With Taxi Drivers said...

Did you do these? I am currently studying Media AS and have to construct a magazine cover that is featuring my film. Our group has chosen Sight and Sound to 'feature' our film do you have any advice for illustration or any other construction of the cover?

Thank you


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