Thursday, May 07, 2009

The One That Got Away - one of many!

Sometimes I do speculative work or work for pitches where I think there's a chance the job could go live, or it's just too juicy a project to turn down, paid or not.

I've got quite strict criteria on these, but often, contrary to what might be expected, they produce work I'm really pleased with, or which goes into competitions, or gets picked up by a client or and therefore earns its keep in some other, unexpected way.

Previous examples of this were a thrown-together invite I did for my talk at the Apple Store in Regent Street - that piece has brought in more jobs than I can count - clients loved it. Another example was Dollface, produced as a personal piece of work and a screenprint, which has recently got me a proper juicer of a job for Saatchi's in New York. In fact there are so many examples, I might even start a series! Or a book...

ANYWAY - here's one I did last week. It was for Progression Design, and was a campaign to be run at Glastonbury this year. it's far from perfect, and the job didn't go ahead, but I enjoyed it a lot. I think I like doing these because the pressure's off - it's just a case of doing the best you can and having a bit of an experiment!

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