Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fun in the sun

I helped raise £800 for the Cultural Art Canvas Programme Thailand in Brixton, London on Saturday, by painting 'live' at the invitation of our long-term partner in crime Solo One.

I screwed the lids off crispy acrylics and got men to crank open jars of crusty glitter paints to create my golden Thai headpiece-wearing lady, 4ft x 8ft high, alongside Inkfetish, Shucks, Tizer, Rabodiga and other art notables. 'Dollface' prints were sold at the auction afterwards, and we took a very un-graffiti picnic of home-made bread and chocolate cakes.
Turning up with just a notebook of sketches and a rough idea (and flying by the seat of my pants) was brilliant fun, and reminded me I can still draw even when surgically removed from my desk!
And I had the sun on my face for five hours - lovely.

Finished piece.

Inks Fetish and Mole

Tools of the trade

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Anonymous said...

i love your work!


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